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Costa Rica is Central America’s jewel

and that jewel is multicolored

The variety of plants here is staggering. There are over 9000 “higher” plants and at least 850 species of ferns. The colors in the jungles are as rich and as vibrant as colors can be.

Fruit trees are everywhere laden with the most delicious fruit imaginable. Papaya, mango, banana, orange, guanabana – and many more that you have never even thought of as being in existence.

Each of the twelve ecosystems in Costa Rica offers a different variety of fauna to dazzle and amaze any observer. It is believed that only 10-20% of the flora of Costa Rica has been identified. This means that sitting on the forest floor or up in an epiphyte attached to a tree in the jungle there could exist the plant that will cure cancer, or AIDS, or any other number of diseases.

Using the body as a metaphor, Costa Rica could very well be the heart, the lungs, and the soul of the earth.


Costa Rica is a land of awe-inspiring natural divesity

…and beauty.

Costa Rica is a land of awe-inspiring natural diversity and beauty. It is the size of the relatively small state West Virginia, yet it hosts more than half of all living organisms on earth.

Costa Rica has four species of monkeys, 220 species of reptiles, 5000 species of grasshoppers, and 10% of all known butterflies in the world.

There are anteaters, tapirs and exotic ducks with scarlet bills.

The wonder of Costa Rica is that, more than likely, you will see these fantastic creatures, because, for some reason, they reveal themselves here. Maybe it is because they are as happy and as proud to be Costa Rican as the humans who inhabit this beautiful land.


Costa Rica means “Rich Coast.” It is just that. Here, there are an amazing variety of geological phenomenon and formations. There are a total of 12 ecosystems in Costa Rica, each containing its own flora and fauna depending on the altitude and moisture available.

There are tropical rainforests and jungles. There are cloud forests and seven active volcanoes. There are rich fertile valleys and miles of magnificent beaches that border two great bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

This is a country that abounds with plenty. It has protected its lands so that generations from now, people will still be able to enjoy its natural beauty. 27% of the total land of Costa Rica is now protected as national parks, forest preserves, or indigenous reservations.

There are two main seasons in Costa Rica – wet (May through December) and dry (December through April).