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Our programs are tailored to the various levels of Spanish ability and to the specific needs of the learner.

For those who are beginning learners of Spanish, we offer a five-week course in basic structure and conversation. We have designed workbooks that go hand by hand with the daily class work and allow the student the opportunity to practice what has been taught in class each day.

The intermediate classes are for more advanced students who still need a scaffolding of grammar and more intense conversation. Workbook #2 has been assembled with this precise goal in mind.

The advanced classes are for those who are conversant in Spanish and familiar with grammatical structures, but need more practice and exposure to other forms of Spanish language – newspapers, magazines, literature, and movies. Workbook #3 has been put together with these specific learning needs in mind.

Of course, one can always come for less time. There is a one-week minimum commitment. New classes start every Monday. We are very flexible and want to make your learning experience at ACCE as effective and successful as we can.


  • ACCE picks up students at the Alajuela International Airport.
  • Accommodations
  • Staying with a host family includes breakfast and dinner.
  • Laundry Service
  • Study materials
  • Internet service
  • Dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Tour of the city (learning the most important places).

Not included, but available:

Half day excursions, Full day excursions and Multi day excursions to areas of Costa Rica: volcanoes, rain-forest, national parks, biological reservations, beaches, extreme sports, others.


…classes start on any monday

There is a minimum requirement of one week of classes and students may start on any Monday.

The first day of classes, each student must take a placement test which includes a written exam as well as an interview. The reason for this is to insure that each student is placed in the appropriate class for his or her Spanish language level.

Learning Spanish, as a second language requires two basic conditions: The first is the gradual, logical study of the structure of the language. This component is the study of grammar. Grammar has two basic aspects: first is the study of rules and uses. Second is the written practice with the supervision of a teacher. This written practice is complemented with a homework book, which contains practice for each grammatical topic studied in class. The second basic condition for learning Spanish as a second language is the emphasis on conversation. For this, teachers are prepared to encourage and direct conversations so that students become comfortable expressing themselves in Spanish.


In this type of learning environment the student attends classes alone. The level of the classes depends on the student’s Spanish language experience and interest.

During high season ( December – January and May – August) the school decides if private classes are available and the schedule.
Private classes have an extra cost of 20% applied only to the tuition cost.


Celebration Date
January 1st New Year’s day
Thursday and Friday Easter / Holly Week
April 11th Juan Santamaría’s Day
May 1st Workers’ Day
July 25th Annexation Day
August 15th Mothers’ Day
September 15th Independence Day
December Christmas Week
The school is closed for holidays. There are no classes during the holidays.  No discounts or make up classes are offered for weeks that have a holiday.
If one of our special programs is offered during a week that includes a holiday, the school will remain open and classes will be offered.