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Program Objective

To give the opportunity for adolescents to come to Costa Rica to work on their Spanish language skills, by taking classes and living with a Costa Rican family; to improve their soccer skills while working with a local trainer; and to be able to get to know this beautiful country while participating in safe, well planned excursions throughout the area.

Program Goals

  • To improve students language skills (levels may range from low beginning through high advanced).
  • To enhance students cultural and athletic competency by having them participate in regular soccer training with a local trainer and to play matches with local people.
  • To give students the opportunity to stay with host families which will enhance cultural understanding and to improve language skills through total immersion.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to visit areas of interest within Costa Rica and to have lots of fun within a very safe framework.


  • ACCE picks up students at the Alajuela International Airport.
  • Accommodations
  • Staying with a host family includes breakfast and dinner. Staying in a villa does not include any meal.
  • Laundry Service
  • Study materials
  • Internet service
  • Dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Tour of the city (learning the most important places).

Not included, but available:

Half day excursions, Full day excursions and Multi day excursions to areas of Costa Rica: volcanoes, rain-forest, national parks, biological reservations, beaches, extreme sports, others.

Program Format

This program is scheduled for a three week period with specific days and times for soccer training, games, excursions. This three week program will provide a total of 45 hours of language classes and many hours of sports and fun activities.

Each class has a maximum of four students and the emphasis is on conversation.

Day Activity
First Sunday: Students arrive.
First Monday: Placement test. Orientation and Classes begin.
Monday – Friday: Langauage classes, 15 hours per week.
Tuesdays & Thursdays : Soccer training in the mornings (three hours per day), Soccer games: two soccer games per week.
Final Friday Evening : Closing celebration.
Final Saturday Departure day.

Program Dates and Fees

Since we do not have established dates for this program, we are very flexible.  Meaning, we can offer this program year-round.  We only need a minimum of 4 students who will register and pay the deposit.  In other words, you can create your own group and take advantage of this fantastic program while learning the Spanish language in one of the happiest and most beautiful countries on earth.

¡Pura Vida!

Do not hesitate in contacting us for more detailed information or to start planning your trip.


Program fee includes the following:

Includes Description
Shuttle from and to the Airport San Jose International Airport (SJO)
Accommodations Two meals daily (breakfast and dinner) and laundry service.
Classes Cooking and dance classes
Study materials Language workbook and other cultural materials
Internet Access Computer lab and Wi – Fi available in the campus school and Wi – Fi at the villas.
Tour of the city Learn about local attractions and points of interest

Not included in the fee

The cost of airfare and any tour or excursion such as jungle tour, etc.
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