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If you are interested in organizing and bringing a group of students to Central American Spanish Academy (ACCE), we can organize a Spanish program with any emphasis; for example Spanish for business, Spanish for law enforcement, etc.

Also, if you wish to bring a group of students to take our Regular Spanish Programs (total immersion or partial immersion) with no emphasis, the ACCE also offers that possibility.

The student groups that we usually receive are from teenagers to retired people who are willing to learn the Spanish language and know a little of the culture and visit some of the many beautiful places in Costa Rica.

Our broad experience, infrastructure and different resources allow us to organize the classes and tourism activities according to the specific needs of each individual group.

If your interest is in bringing a group to any of the ACCE specialized programs like the one of Spanish for medical professionals or Spanish soccer camp but to different dates than the ones already offer, ACCE can also organize it.

If the group has a minimum of 10 students the person who organizes and brings the group will have no charge for the classes or the stay at ACCE.  If the group is from 5 to 9 people then the organizer will only have to pay 50% of the classes and stay at ACCE.

ACCE also organizes for students excursions, if the group is interested, ACCE can prepare an specific Spanish program including several tourist excursions to any of the many beautiful tourist destinations in Costa Rica.  In this case the same discount polices are applied to the person who organizes the group.

There is also the possibility of taking classes in the afternoon, in that way you can enjoy the morning for doing excursions or for visiting different  places around the town of Grecia.

If you have the interest in bringing a group to our low season (February, March, April, September, October and November) the group will be able to obtain our special discounts for the low season, which are 10% less then the regular prices.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and contact our International coordinator for groups Alejandro Suarez at he can organize the ideal package for your group.