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Frequently Asqued Questions

ACCE is located in Grecia, 45 Km. (28 miles) northwest from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.(See map). 10°04’26.4″N 84°18’34.0″W

How much advanced notice do you require to start classes?

For specialized programs we recommend that students get registered as soon as possible since these programs fill up pretty quickly. For regular classes students can register two weeks before arriving, unless they want to take classes during the high season (May – August). During that time we recommend registration at least 60 days prior your arrival to the school. But the school is flexible, so before taking a decision please write us!

Generally yes, even though it is also possible to take extra days after having studied one or more weeks.

During high season yes, during the rest of the year the school is more flexible.

Yes, first the schedule has to be agreed upon with the school, but it is not possible to do it for the specialized programs. The cost is 20% more than regular classes.

At what time should students come to school on the first day of class?

They should be at the school at 7:30 am.

Normally your host mom or any other family member from your host family will take you the first day of school. If the student is staying at the school villas, there is no problem since the school is just two blocks away from the villas.

Breakfast, dinner, laundry and lots of love.

ACCE receives students from all ages.

They all have university degrees in the teaching area. And of course, all have the training and the experience in teaching Spanish as a second language.

All course materials are included. The price includes all the materials necessary. The only thing you need to bring is a notebook and a pencil.

On the first day of classes each student takes a written test and an interview to determine his or her level of Spanish so that he or she can be placed in the correct class.

You can pay the remaining balance on the first day of classes with cash, check or credit card.

We do accept credit cards for paying the tuition or the excursions, but there is a 5% fee for paying with credit card.

The deposit is non refundable. If the student is already studying at ACCE and for a real emergency reason has to stop classes and go back to his country of origin; the school will reimburse 50% of the balance.

It is a tropical climate. There are two seasons – rainy and dry. The dry season goes from December through April and the rainy season goes from May through November. There is no extreme heat or cold. During the rainy season, the mornings are usually sunny and some rain in the afternoon. During the dry season, it is usually sunny the entire day.

You can wear any kind of comfortable clothing for traveling and classes.

No. Some student do, but it is not necessary.

Juan Santamaría (SJO)

It is very favorable for the students, especially if your currency is US dollars or Euros.

Usually no, but this depends upon the country of origin. 

In the case of the specialized programs, the dates appear on the program details. In the case of regular students, the arrival days are Saturday or Sunday (preferably Sunday). Departure depends on your arrival day; if you arrived Saturday then the departure day is Saturday.  if you arrived Sunday then the departure day is Sunday.

When the student has the flight information, he or she should send it to the school. The school will send all the instructions for where to go at the airport and information as to who will meet you at the airport.

Yes, it is possible, but you will have to previously tell the school and the cost is US$30 per night and should be paid in advance.

You should bring a dictionary of Spanish/your language. In addition to the dictionary, you should bring a notebook, pen, pencil, an umbrella (for the rainy season), a poncho, walking shoes, flip flops, swimsuit, a towel and a back pack.

The school is closed for holidays. There are no classes during the holidays.  No discounts or make up classes are offered for weeks that have a holiday.
If one of our special programs is offered during a week that includes a holiday, the school will remain open and classes will be offered.

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