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Why the ACCE

Why the Central American Spanish Academy (ACCE)?

  • Professional, organized, and accommodating directors and employees.
  • Well – trained teachers.
  • Comprehensive curriculum – clearly laid out.
  • Local homes that are used for home stays are well checked out and monitored.
  • Grecia is centrally located so travel to all parts of the country is easily done.
  • The attitude is one of respect and friendliness.
  • There are many very educated people living in and around Grecia.
  • There is always something happening that is of interest culturally and artistically.


Mission Statement for the Central American Spanish Academy (ACCE)

The mission of our school is to provide Spanish classes to second language learners, at whatever level is appropriate, and to allow the learners to advance at their own pace. We will provide classes in conversation and grammar with the goal being to have an environment that allows the student to feel comfortable and safe, and ultimately successful at learning a new language. Also, we will offer the possibility to immerse in the Latino culture through living with Costa Rican families and by visiting tourist attractions throughout Costa Rica, which is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in Latin America.


Vision Statement for the Central American Spanish Academy (ACCE)

We see ourselves growing as an institution of learning without giving up the quality and personal treatment we have established with our students. We will provide more Spanish programs for professionals in specific fields with the objective to satisfy the academic needs of all.

Our Teachers

Our teachers at ACCE are all native speakers and have been through intensive instruction on how to teach Spanish as a second language. Their training includes the latest and most effective methodologies available. Besides classroom training, our instructors must also complete 20 hours of classroom observation and student teaching.

About Grecia

The county of Grecia has mountainous areas full of lush vegetation. The average temperature is 73° Farenheit and the average annual rainfall is approximately 82 inches.

Grecia is recognized as the cleanest city in Latin America and for having the “Iglesia de las Mercedes,” a beautiful church imported from Belgium in 1893 and made entirely of iron.

The main agricultural products of the region are coffee, sugar cane, vegetables, and livestock.


Costa Rica is so beautiful and peaceful that is hard not to be content and relaxed when visiting. The Costa Rican people are happy to have you here. They love to share their magnificent country with visitors and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and safe.