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...classes start on any monday

There is a minimum requirement of one week of classes and students may start on any Monday.
The first day of classes, each student must take a placement test which includes a written exam as well as an interview. The reason for this is to insure that each student is placed in the appropriate class for his or her Spanish language level.

Each class has a maximum of four students and the emphasis is on conversation.

Learning Spanish, as a second language requires two basic conditions: The first is the gradual, logical study of the structure of the language. This component is the study of grammar. Grammar has two basic aspects: first is the study of rules and uses. Second is the written practice with the supervision of a teacher. This written practice is complemented with a homework book, which contains practice for each grammatical topic studied in class. The second basic condition for learning Spanish as a second language is the emphasis on conversation. For this, teachers are prepared to encourage and direct conversations so that students become comfortable expressing themselves in Spanish.

Grammar goes hand in hand with conversation and the teacher's presence for corrections, when needed, is imperative to the learning process.

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