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A Language and Cultural Immersion Program for Medical Professionals

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Program Objective

To give Medical Professionals (Nurses, Doctors, Students and Faculty) the opportunity to improve Spanish Language skills, to enhance cultural awareness, and to learn about the Medical Profession in Costa Rica.

Program Goals

  • 1. To improve language skills (levels may range from low beginning through high advanced).
  • 2. To improve \ provide specific vocabulary and communication methods to work with Latino patients.
  • 3. To enhance cultural awareness by offering lectures about the Latin culture.
  • 4. To give the opportunity to live with host families, which enhances cultural understanding and language acquisition.
  • 5. To provide information about the health care system in Central America.
  • 6. To provide the opportunity to experience the health care system in Costa Rica by scheduling visits to local hospital or clinics.
  • 7. To give the opportunity to practice Spanish by participating in field trips and excursions.


Program Format

This two-week Spanish immersion program for medical professionals includes 40 hours of Spanish instruction, and 20 hours of professional practice in hospitals or clinics in the area, and other related activities.
The maximum amount of students in each Spanish class is 4 students.

These classes are comprised of three components:
1. Emphasis on conversation.
2. Vocabulary specifically focused in the area of medicine.
3. Activities that will give the learner practice with the everyday needs of Latino patients.

First Week:

During the first week the participants will have classes during the afternoon hours and will have the opportunity to participate in different excursions in the mornings. Also, they can participate in a Latin dance class and a cooking class, which will focus on local dishes. Some visits are scheduled during this first week.

Second Week:

Spanish classes will be in the afternoon in order for the participants to work in the hospital or clinics during the mornings. Also, there will be a work in the field arranged in an area nearby the school.

The Practicum in the Hospital or Clinics:

The students, either individually or in pairs, will assist in the daily consultations of the doctors and medical staff in the hospital or clinics. They will be able to practice their Spanish while interacting with patients. The doctor in charge will make the decision as to what the full extent of the involvement with the patient will be.

The Work in the Field

This will consist of a visit to a nearby school. The students, with their own instruments, will do an examination of each child: weight, height, vital sign measurements, scoliosis and vision screening,  and physical examinations (depending on equipment). Each student must be able to explain, in Spanish, the results of this examination to the group.

2015 Program Dates*

•Starting Saturday, August 1st till Saturday, August 15th
The ACCE can accommodate special program dates for groups of minimum 6 students that are unable to come for regular dates. You can write us via e-mail.

*Extend your stay and get a 10% discount for extra classes either before or after the program.


August 2015 session Program Fees

Host family 2 weeks program $1,290.00
Campus villas * 2 weeks program $1,290.00


Program fee includes the following* :

  • Airport transfers: (SJO) Airport to Grecia; Grecia to airport.
  • Accommodations, two meals daily (breakfast and dinner) and laundry-cleaning service.
  • *Staying in a villa does not inlude dinner..
  • Cooking and dance classes.
  • Study materials: Language workbook and other cultural materials.
  • City Tour: Learn about local attractions and important places.
  • Free unlimited Internet access: Computer lab and Wi - Fi available in the campus school and Wi - Fi at the villas.

Application Form:

• Spanish Program for Medical Professionals
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