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Cultural Celebrations

Costa Rica has a rich and unique cultural identity. Ticos are very proud of their traditions, especially when it comes to celebrations.

If you come visit us during one of our national, or local holidays, you will have the opportunity to have first hand experience on how Costa Ricans like to live these traditions.

From Costa Rica's independence day to "Virgen de las Mercedes" day here at ACCE we like to get our students to involved in different aspects of Costa Rica's culture.

Costa Rica's Independence Day.

Whenever our students desire so, ACCE commits with primary schools or community organizations in order to get the students to witness the celebrations.

If you are interested in joining any of our local celebrations we will be more than happy to show you how Ticos enjoy expressing their culture.

"Payasos" on "Virgen de las Mercedes" Day.

Thursday and Friday Easter / Holly Week
April 11th Juan Santamaría's Day
(national hero).
April 27th Grecia's Foundation
July 25th Guanacaste's annexation Day
August 2nd Virgen de Los Ángeles's Day
September 14th "Faroles" Parade (Independence celebration)
September 15th Independence Day
September 24th Virgen de las Mercedes's Day (Grecia's Patroness)
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